Moose Minute…. Austyn Hardie (x)

There has never been a better year to get into QMJHL hockey! With so many exciting upcoming events this season and all those new talented prospects, you can only expect the best of junior hockey in 2014-2015! Join the movement, pick your favorite team and get ready for some quality hockey.

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QMJHL Live, available for free until the end of September!

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Players taking part of the Season Ticket pick up event (x)

 philippegadoury28: Montreal babyyy✈️ #camp #canadiens #fucsyy

philippegadoury28: Montreal babyyy✈️ #camp #canadiens #fucsyy


Hockey Meme

4/5 Rookies/Prospects - Jonathan Drouin


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5/6 Bromances - Nathan Mackinnon & Jonathan Drouin

Congrats to Nikolaj Ehlers who signed a 3 year entry level contract with the Winnipeg Jets